Awards Assembly

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

8:15AM- 1st and 2nd Grade

9:15AM- 3rd and 4th Grade

1:00PM- Kindergarten

6:00PM-Graduation for 5th grade will be at Wilder Middle School

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Jun 01

VIDEO: Henrico High School Senior Walk at Chamberlayne Elementary

Click image to watch the video.

Henrico High School Seniors recently took their Senior Walk at Chamberlayne Elementary as they prepared for their SOLs.

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Renovation Update!

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Renovation update: Chamberlayne Elementary School

Renovation update: Chamberlayne Elementary School. As part of the voter-approved 2016 bond referendum, an estimated $14 million renovation is underway at Chamberlayne ES (seven other schools have renovations in the works, too.) The project includes modernizing four classroom buildings, renovating the cafeteria space and reconfiguring the office/administration area. The project is anticipated to be substantially complete in Fall 2019. Thanks to @Henrico County Government for the aerial footage!

Posted by Henrico County Public Schools on Monday, April 16, 2018

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Mar 02


This year for our school will be reading, The Year of the Dog, for our ONE SCHOOL, ONE BOOK!  Please click here to read along daily, so your child can answer the trivia questions each day.  Enjoy reading! 

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Jan 31

Clinic Updates

clinic updates

When should a student stay home:

  1. If the student has a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater before taking fever reducing medication.
  2. If the student is vomiting or has 2 consecutive diarrheas because of illness.
  3. If the student is unable to focus due to: pain, chronic health condition, and acute illness.
  4. If the student has flu-like symptoms (with or without fever)- headache, fatigue, cough, aches, weakness, sore throat.

Please be prompt when picking up your ill or injured child in order to minimize their chance of spreading or acquiring a contagious illness.

A child should be free of symptoms of contagious disease (fever of 100.4, vomiting, diarrhea, suspicious rash, etc.) for 24 hours before returning to school.

If you are concerned about absences due to illnesses, please provide the front office with a doctor’s note and the absence will be excused.

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Jan 26

Video: Principal Appreciation

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In honor of Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week, here’s a quick video shout-out to some of the principals that are making a difference in students’ lives!

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Oct 27

VIDEO: Pledge of Allegiance

Watch as students recite the Pledge of Allegiance at last night’s School Board meeting.

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Oct 06

VIDEO: Walk to School Day

click to watch video

Celebrate Walk to School Day…

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Oct 02

VIDEO: Today’s Classroom

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HCPS TV stopped by Erin McGregor’s 3rd Grade class for a lesson on rounding. Check It Out!

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Dec 05

Link For Interpreter Assistance

If you would like to have an interpreter assist you during a school meeting, you may request a meeting and an interpreter by submitting the form at the link below to the main office of your child’s school. We are happy to provide this service as we want all families to feel comfortable in every meeting and secure that all conversations will be fully understood by all parties present.

Si usted desea tener un intérprete que le ayude durante su reunión con la escuela, usted puede solicitar una reunión y un intérprete completando el formulario en el enlace a continuación y entregándola a la oficina principal de la escuela de su hijo/a.  Nos complace poder darles este servicio ya que queremos que las familias se sientan cómodas en cada reunión y asegurar que ambas partes puedan comprenderse plenamente.


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